Don't Despair.
Something Can Be Done.

In Arizona, drug offenders face some of the harshest mandatory minimum penalties in the country. The state is aggressively prosecuting and investigating illegal drug use, possession and manufacturing.

If you are facing state or federal charges, the law office of Steven D. West, P.C., can help. As part of my broad criminal defense practice, I am committed to providing you with the tough representation necessary to defend against zealous prosecutors and the threat of stiff penalties.

Here to Defend Your Rights

Any time the police stop your vehicle or execute a search warrant, the protections available to you under the U.S. Constitution are triggered. This is why it is critical that the attorney representing you does a thorough investigation of the facts and a comprehensive analysis of your legal rights.

Every case has its own unique set of facts and circumstances. Some of the questions that I investigate during my representation, include:

  • Why did the police stop you? What facts gave them probable cause to search you?
  • Where did the police find the evidence?
  • Did law enforcement follow the law or was a critical step skipped?

When I conduct an investigation of your case, I will go out of my way to make sure that I understand every detail and piece of evidence. Even if you were stopped on a highway, it is not good enough that I may have traveled that road before. I will go out to the scene and examine the “lay of the land,” looking for facts that may help your case.